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CUCM 9.1 - Call-forwarding display



If phone A calls phone B, and phone B is call forwarding all to a cell phone, phone A's display will show the forwarded cell number.  Is there a way to block this from being displayed on the callers phone?





From the Service Parameter.. 

From the Service Parameter..


This parameter determines whether phones always display the number that the caller originally dialed (which may not match the final connected number). If Cisco CallManager routes the call from the originally dialed number to the connected number using a call forwarding directive, a translation pattern, route pattern, a redirection by a CTI application, or other means, this parameter determines whether the connected number or the originally dialed number is exposed. Note that when the Conference List feature is invoked, the connected number always displays regardless of the setting in this parameter. Valid values specify True (display the originally dialed number) or False (display the connected number).
 This is a required field.
 Default:  False
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Thanks for your response

Thanks for your response Manish ! !  will test this shortly and let you know how goes.


Changing that parameter will

Changing that parameter will definitely work but may cause some problems if users are used to seeing numbers get updated as they are globalized, etc.  Depending on what protocol you are using on the gateway, you can block the connected number from there instead as another option that doesn't change cluster-wide behavior.

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He Brian, There is a SIP

He Brian,


There is a SIP trunk configured from UCM and GW.  The GW is also registered as H323.  Could I use translation-pattern to change the behavior for just the forwraded calls.

i.e User calls ext 2000 --> 2000 call-forward all to 408-123-1234 --> SIP --> GW tranlate 408-123-1234 to Cell-phone number

wondering if this way would avoid making a global change.


Thanks for you response,



I'm not sure of an easy way

I'm not sure of an easy way to block the connected number with SIP.


For H.323, you can change the "Block Connected Number IE" service parameter to true or configure "no supplementary-service h225-notify cid-update" under voice service voip on the GW.


This is assuming the number isn't changing until the cell phone answers.  If it changes during ringing, Always Display Original Dialed Number is going to be the easiest way.

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