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CUCM 9.1 with multiple voice gateways



I have a CUCM 9.1 installed on HQ connected via site to site VPN with sites where the site IP phones registered through the VPN to the CUCM and it is working fine.

Also I have cisco 2911 configured as a Voice Gateway support all the calls to the PSTN.

Now my issue that I have new site in another city, this site already cisco router with voice and Sec. bundles where it will connect this site to the HQ CUCM. But the users on this site need to use their PSTN (PSTN for this city) in addition so how can I configure this ??

I thought to configure the new site router as voice gateway and configure new route list for it and associate the required route pattern with it.

Please advise if this will work or you have a different solutions,

Also the new site have Avaya analog system we need to integrate it with our CUCM the Avaya analog lines could be connected to the FXO card where the PSTN access will be through it??

Appreciate your support.


Cisco Employee

That, or use local route

That, or use local route groups, not sure of your dialing requirements. Either way, very straightforward.

Yes, you can trunk yo Avaya, and assuming Avaya allows it, route the calls thru their FXOs.



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Thanks for your reply,Please

Thanks for your reply,

Please what are you mean by the local route group?? also can I configure the Router to work act as SRST and Voice Gateway or you recommend to use two routers (one SRST and one Voice Gateway)??

For the Avaya it will be connected to the VG via the FXO but no need to configure the IP phones as SIP we can keep them SCCP??

Appreciate your advise,

VIP Purple

Hi Ali,You can refer the

Hi Ali,

You can refer the excellent DOC for LRG


You can configure same router as VG along with SRST.



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