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CUCM 9 BAT Batch import Directory Numbers only?

Is there any way to batch import Directory Numbers and (individualized) descriptions for each number using the BAT tool?  It seems there must be a way.  The range-add function under DN management won't work in this case because the numbers and descriptions are all unique.

I should add that we don't want the DN's to be associated with a phone, just imported and ready for use...

Thanks all!

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Re: CUCM 9 BAT Batch import Directory Numbers only?


you could use the Import/Export section of BAT for this case.


But before importing only the single table for DNs, you should check if all dependency records are set in CUCM according to your import file. The dependencies for DNs are:

  • Presence Group
  • Calling Search Space
  • Partition
  • AAR Group
  • Call Pickup Group
  • Voice Mail Profile

A slight difference with the Import/Export tool is, that you need to upload a .tar file which also includes a header file with all the csv you want to import. A good thing is always to do an export to use the structure of the export file and modify it for the import.

In Windows you can use 7zip for writing files into a tar archive.

It's also recommended to validate the file by BAT before running the import. For example when using BAT and running an export on DNs in CUCM 9.1(1), you can't simply edit the file and run an import with it. It will run into an error about having the wrong csv structure. Reason is, that there is one "," too many at the end of the lines in the export file. Other CUCM versions don't have this issue but might have bugs for other import/export functions.

I attached a working DN import file for the above mentioned CUCM version.



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