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CUCM - Active directory intergration - if you loose your AD

Hi there,

Let's say your Cucm is integreated with your AD and all your user have some config associated to them in the CUCM end-user.

I know that If you loose your AD, all end user will be inactive and after awhile all the config associated to them will be loose.. ( as documented on cisco )

But,  If all my user have been populated by AD and we loose the AD.... 

If we remove the LDAP sync from CUCM... am I gona loose all the information associated with the users or everything is gona stay there..



CUCM - Active directory intergration - if you loose your AD

no need to remove anything just disable the LDAP integration

and users will remain but not sure about the password i think this will be an issue or might take the password configured in the default password policy you can test this part

however pin will be same as its managed by CUCM

i would recommend you to do a quick test for it

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CUCM - Active directory intergration - if you loose your AD

I've found that when disabling this (bearing in mind I've never disabled an LDAP integration in production, just my lab) that all the users go into a 'status=2' state and aren't usable. You can run a SQL query to update the users to status=1 in the  enduser table to restore them.

Presumably passwords would revert to that stored in the CUCM DB (i.e. the password as it was pre-AD sync).


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