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CUCM Adminstration

Need to control admin/user rights with multiple UCM clusters centrally. Does anyone know of any "ACS/TACACS" style solution that would enable us to control access to the CUCM gui from a central location.


Re: CUCM Adminstration

The easiest way is to integrate CUCM with LDAP.  Then you can control the permissions from cetral location.


Re: CUCM Adminstration

If you are looking for centralized authentication then Michael's recommendation is one of the better options.  However, if you are looking for authorization controls then you will probably need to consider a provisioning tool.  One that I looked at a while ago is developed and maintained by Unimax (  When I looked at it the CUCM hook-in was relatively new and immature, but that was well over 3 years ago.  The other Unimax hooks have been pretty solid and I suspect that the CUCM integration has matured considerably.

Around the same time I was looking at a product from Digital Fairway which was very solid.  We were going to buy it and deploy it for a 6 cluster/13,000 node system but were blocked due to an acquisition.  It just so happens the company making the acquisition was Cisco Systems and I believe the technology acquired was incorporated into Cisco's Provisioning Manager (  Now, I haven't looked at Provisioning Manager for production deployment and can't attest on the multi-cluster support or the enforcement of authorization/accounting rules, but the Digital Fairway product/technology was really solid.

So, bottom line for authorization (and decent centralized accounting) would be a 3rd party application.  I'd recommend doing a read through for Cisco's solution as well as the Unimax solution.  Others in this forum may have more options for you.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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