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CUCM and CUC Call Handler Question

Hi all,

I am looking for a solution to the following problem but only have CUCM and CUC 8.6 available.

For certain users, I want all their incoming DID calls to divert to CUC, play a message to say "Calls to this number may be recorded" and then for CUC to transfer the call to the DID number.  If the user doesn't answer the call then it should divert to their CUC mailbox.

I can deliver the incoming DID calls to CUC via a CTI Route Point which is in a seachable partion on the incoming gateway. Once in Unity I can use a routing rule to send the call to a Call Handler and play the message but I cannot find a way for the Call Handler to then transfer the call to the original DID number.

I think this would have been possible with Unity as it was possible to use variables in the number field for transfers but perhaps not so with CUC.

I don't have the budget to purchase UCCX or similar to do this and have to use what's available.

Any suggestions?


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Re: CUCM and CUC Call Handler Question

You will need to build a call handler for every did and then statically transfer the call to the individual mailbox user and ensure the mailbox is set for transfer to extension.


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Re: CUCM and CUC Call Handler Question

I agree with Chris +5



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Re: CUCM and CUC Call Handler Question

For those that may be interested I have found a way of doing this but it is a bit more involved than the suggestion above.

This works where the PSTN is delivering 4 digits and the internal extension numbers are greater than this.

In CUCM create a new translation pattern that transforms the incoming DDI into the voice mail pilot. On the translation pattern set the calling party transformation mask to be the DDI.

Ensure that the VGW can reach this pattern and that it is matched before any other transformations take place.  This forces calls to this DDI toward the CUC.

On CUC create a system call handler for the extension(s) where you want the message "Calls may be recorded..." to be played.  The call handler needs to have the setting after greeting attempt transer user with mailbox set to the mailbox of the user with the incoming DDI.  Upload or record the greeting for this call handler.

Create a direct routing rule to match the incoming DDI number and transfer this to the system call handler.

The last thing to do is ensure that the user's CUC mailbox has the standard transfer rule setting wait while I transfer your call deselected.

The only drawbacks with this method is that it needs to be done for every user who is recorded and when the transfer is made from the CUC to the handset the DDI number is displayed rather than the original calling number.

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