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CUCM-BE 6.1.2 - Mailbox for a Hunt Group

I have a hunt group that I need a unity connection mailbox for. Since its business edition, I know I have to create the user in CM and import into Unity connection. This won't work because I can't assign a hunt group pilot as a primary extension to the user. Any help would be great.


Re: CUCM-BE 6.1.2 - Mailbox for a Hunt Group

ok try to creat a subsecribe on unity give it hun pilot extention

on CM creat new voice mail profile on this profile there is a mask field put the pilot number in the mask field for example 555

this way all voice mail for this number will go to the user u creat it

and associate those users/phones in the hun with this new VM profile

now when they press the message butten will get to the VM of 555 with that user u creat on unity

to let them reciev MWI

add them to the altarnate numbers

this way all they gonna share one mailbox

good luck

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Re: CUCM-BE 6.1.2 - Mailbox for a Hunt Group

Hello Andrew,

Haven't tried this, but Since the AC Pilot can be assigned to an user is it possible to switch from Hunt Pilot to an AC Pilot?

The second option here will be to create a CTI Route Point and add an extension that you are not using (a dummy extension) and put that CTI on a dummy partition so no one can call it (do not add this partition to your CSS'), then, create an user and associate the CTI RP and set the extension of that CTI RP as the primary extension. At this moment, we can create the Subscriber but not with the Hunt Pilot extension. At last, go to CUCAdmip after the VM user has been created and add the Hunt Pilot extension as an alternate extension for that user, whenever the Hunt Pilot FWD a call to CUC it will be recognized and the VM will be taken.

Hope this helps and please let us know how it goes!!!

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