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Cucm call issue

Hi, anyone has experienced idd call issue with mgcp gateway? So far I only got one gibraltar number has problems, every time I call this number, it  goes to diffetent destination, sometimes to the fire department, sometimes a fax machine, sometimes a personal number, and only by random I can call to the real destination. I tried calling the number by mobile phone, no problem at all.


I have checked cdr and debug isdn q931, confirmed the dialed number has not been changed.

Any idea?? Thanks!!!


Please check the output of

Please check the output of "debug isdn q931" and "debug mgcp packets" from the gateway for a call with such an issue. If you see the correct calling and called party information on gateway debugs as well, then you should involve the service provider for further investigation.



New Member

I see from debug isdn q931

I see from debug isdn q931 that nigh calling and called numbers are correct. What can I see from debug mgcp packets?


If the calling and called

If the calling and called party details are being passed on correctly to the gateway then you should check with the service provider.


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Checked with service provider

Checked with service provider and they said there is nothing wrong with them...i have no clues now......

Open a TAC case and get on a

Open a TAC case and get on a conference call with service provider and TAC. That's the quickest option to get this sorted. In the meantime if you can post the requested debugs with calling and called party details and the running config, i will see if anything stands out in the debugs related to this issue.


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I believe something wrong

I believe something wrong with cucm as there is no problem using mobile to call out..but the debug really have no abnormal....


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