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CUCM Call Pickup / Hunt Pilots

Can anyone chime in on the below issue we are facing?

Calls come in and hit Hunt Pilot (HP) 1-HP1. That in turn rings Ling Group (LG) 1-LG-1A then 1-LG-1B, and lastly 1-LG-1C.

1-LG-1A contains phones: 1Phone1, 1Phone2

1-LG-1B contains phones: 1Phone1, 1Phone2, 1Phone3

1-LG-1C contains phones: 1Phone1, 1Phone2, 1Phone3, 1Phone4


This is one issue:

1) Caller calls in and hits HP 1-HP1 which causes 1Phone1 and 1Phone2 to start ringing. 1Phone1 is answered while the call is still in 1-LG-1A.

2) While 1Phone1 is still on the call previously another caller calls into HP 1-HP1. This causes only 1Phone2 to ring in 1-LG-1A since 1Phone1 is on a call.

3) No person is currently at 1Phone2 so 1Phone1 either parks current call, places it on hold or hangs up. 1Phone1 doesn't start to ring. Call eventually moves on to 1-LG-1B and user can hear 1Phone2 still ringing, and can also hear 1Phone3 now ringing as expected but 1Phone1 still is not ringing for this new call.

This was the issue and we fixed it by assigning a call pickup group (CP1) to all DNs and the HP.

The second issue is that the above works if the user can hear the phones ringing but we now have phones assigned to HPs that are in different physical locations as below.


Calls come in and hit Hunt Pilot (HP) 2-HP1. That in turn rings Ling Group (LG) 2-LG-1A then 2-LG-1B, and lastly 2-LG-1C.

2-LG-1A contains phones: 2Phone1, 2Phone2

2-LG-1B contains phones: 2Phone1, 2Phone2, 1Phone1

2-LG-1C contains phones: 2Phone1, 2Phone2, 1Phone1, 1Phone2

Now since "2Phone" phones have call pickup group CP2 assigned to them and "1Phone" phones have CP1 to them, if a call is ringing in 2-LG-1B or C from 1-HP1, "1Phone1" or "1Phone2" will not be able to pick it up.

If we create a CP called CP1and2 and assigned that to the HPs and DNs for locations 1 and 2 then the calls will be able to get picked up with no issue but they will also be able to potentially pickup calls they did not intend to that are currently ringing that they can hear.



Any ideas? The main one is with issue 1. Why doesn't the phone ring after hanging up?



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