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CUCM call prioritization


Can you help me with the following task, I need to setup calls's priority from Manager to Secretary. That is, when there is a queue on the Secretary's phone, the call from Manager should be the first in the queue (and should be displaed on the Secretary's phone) or better somehow interrupt a current call.

Is there any ways to accomplish this task?

CUCM 7.1.4


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CUCM call prioritization

Hi Anatoly,

I have never set this up but it is available in CUCM

Multilevel Precedence and Preemption

The Multilevel Precedence and Preemption (MLPP) service allows properly validated users to place priority calls. If necessary, users can preempt lower priority phone calls.

Precedence designates the priority level that is associated with a call. Preemption designates the process of terminating lower precedence calls that are currently using the target device, so a call of higher precedence can be extended to or through the device.

An authenticated user can preempt calls either to targeted stations or through fully subscribed time-division-multiplexing (TDM) trunks. This capability assures high-ranking personnel of communication to critical organizations and personnel during network stress situations, such as a national emergency or degraded network situations.

I might be tempted to just add a special number on the Secretary's phone that only the

Manager has access to. Kind of a Hotline type deal. It will make the Manager feel special

which is always cool as well



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CUCM call prioritization

Thank you Rob for your answer,  but it seems to me that changing busy trigger from 2 to 4 solved the problem for me.

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