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CUCM Corporate Directory

Hi Support Community

I have 3 x CUCM 8.6.2 clusters each configured with EMCC which has been tested using unique user accounts and all works as expected - this at present is still in the testing phase but as testing was successful we are ready to roll out to all users.

The issue is on CUCM 8.X for EMCC to work the user ID has to be unique whereas on 9.X plus it doesnt. We use LDAP integration and the search base covers the whole company therefore the IP phone corporate directory has all end users, when we filter this LDAP search base the corporate directory will then only contain users for that cluster. 


We have spare MCS servers built with CUCM 8.6.2 completely separate to the other clusters, these have LDAP integration and also have the whole corporate directory. What i want to do is point the IP phones in an EMCC cluster to use the corporate directory of one of the spare 8.6.2 servers.

I thought it may have been as easy as taking the directory Enterprise parameter http://XXXXXXXXXXX:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectory.jsp from the spare MCS CUCM server and adding this into EMCC phone external data locations under directories. This however doesnt work. Does anyone have any idea as to how i can achieve this ?

Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe


I've accomplished this in the

I've accomplished this in the past with separate web server with corporate directory SDK.  I am thinking SBD/ITL is keeping you from connecting to another server's directory.  You can view the phone's console log to help determine why it's failing as-is.

New Member

Thanks Jason and Jonathon. I

Thanks Jason and Jonathon. I will keep trying to get it to work. I dont want to purchase a 3rd party directory server as within the next 6-12 months we will be upgrading to CUCM v10.X so wont need the unique ID's.

If anyone has any ideas in the meantime to get this working that would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe


Hi, did you ever fix this?

Hi, did you ever fix this?

Required the Corporate

Required the Corporate Directory SDK.  Users must be separated for EMCC and for Jabber Interdomain Presence.

New Member

Hi, we ended up installing a

Hi, we ended up installing a 3rd party directory server and pointing CUCM IP phones to this. After this i then had to change the OU search base so that each cluster had unique users. After this i could then use Cisco Jabber inter-clustering.

Bit of a pain because in later versions of CUCM you can just tick "home cluster" on the user page but i just didnt have the time to upgrade before the Jabber project.


Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe

New Member

I think the issue that

I think the issue that prevents you from pointing any phone to another CUCM's directory is that CUCM needs to know the phone's MAC before it will return the directory (if I remember it's to determine the language to return the directory in) - the same issue occurs where you want to point remote site CME registered phones to a central CUCM's directory.  The old 'fix' was to add the phone's MAC to the CUCM's database but this doesn't scale for licensing / management.


I notice some telepresence endpoints registered to CUCM use the UDS API to populate their directories but I'm not sure this would be useful to an IP phone as is:


I don't know of another solution other than an external directory...

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