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CUCM/CUC and AD Integration

Hello Everyone,

We have installed a CUCM 6.1(2) cluster for our customer and soon will add 2 CUC 7.0 servers for voicemail as well. The CUCM cluster will be integrated with customer's Active Directory shortly. A couple of quick questions come to mind.

1) The CUCM was built with all the end-users already. These end-users have the same userID that is being used in AD. Will this integration wipe out all these users, meaning we'll have to configure all the CUCM-configurable parameters again, or would it keep these settings in the CUCM and just make these end-users into an integrated User? If former, should we delete all these users first before the integration?

2) It's my understanding that with Unity Connection 7.0, you can pull in users from AD, as well as creating them locally and importing them from CUCM. What would be best practice here if all the users are already imported from AD into CUCM? Should we just import those users from CUCM (that came from AD) into CUC? That's what makes the most sense, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Thanks for any responses in advance.



Re: CUCM/CUC and AD Integration

1) If you already have the end user in CUCM with the same user ID, it won't wipe out the configuration

2) You would want to import it from CUCM.



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Re: CUCM/CUC and AD Integration

Thanks Mike.

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Re: CUCM/CUC and AD Integration

A couple of follow-up questions on this (By the way, we still haven't installed Unity Connection or done the AD integration yet):

1) Once CUC is installed and we pull the users in from AD via CUCM, what happens to user objects that have their AD account ID (i.e. sAMAccountName attribute) changed, such as the case with a marriage, divorce, name change, etc. I guess the AD user object's SID doesn't change, but their account ID does. How is this handled with respect to CUCM/CUC? We are particularly concerned about what happens to the mailbox on Unity Connection. It's my understanding that if the account is gone in AD, it would also disappear on CUCM and CUC as well. Does this mean the mailbox is deleted?

2) Related to the above question, when someone leaves the company, the user account is disabled and moved to a different OU. Does this make the user "invisible" to CUCM/CUC? what happens to the mailbox on Unity Connection? We have to be able to preserve former employee's mailboxes, potentially for legal, as well as informational, purposes.

3) Somewhat related to #2, can we pull in users from different OU's, as opposed to pointing to the highest level in the tree that contains all users in the domain? There are several OU's in the tree where the users don't need to be seen by CUCM (such as service accounts).

Any help would be appreciated.


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