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CUCM Database Migration

Hi all,

I need to upgrade a CUCM from 5.1.2a to 7.1.5SU4 on 7845-I1 servers, on my lab i have a spare box to test the upgrade path. I'm using the folowing procedure in the lab, but for same reason i get always a failure:

1- I have take a backup from the production server cluster

2- I have instaled release 5.1.2a on my lab server (without node and device licences  )

3- I have made a restore wit success  (in the licence unit report i get -2 node licences and - 1000 devices units)

4- I uprade to 5.1.3b without success, at the end of the upgrade i get the following error :

11/09/2011 19:54:06 CCMInstall|(CAPTURE) installFull  rc[1]|<LVL::Debug>
11/09/2011 19:54:06 CCMInstall|(CAPTURE) installdb Failure [-i] 1|<LVL::Debug>
11/09/2011 19:54:06 CCMInstall|(CAPTURE) Stop DBMS|<LVL::Debug>
11/09/2011 19:54:06 CCMInstall|(CAPTURE) su -c 'if [ -f /usr/local/cm/db/informix/local/ids.env ]; then source /usr/local/cm/db/informix/local/ids.env l2; fi ; onmode -yck' - informix|<LVL::Debug>
11/09/2011 19:54:06 CCMInstall|(CAPTURE) cm-dbl-install [1]|<LVL::Debug>
11/09/2011 19:54:06 CCMInstall|Internal Error, File:instMain.c:1403, Function: handlePhase(), Failed to exec command: "/partB/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/ nice -n 19 /usr/sbin/chroot /partB /usr/local/cm/script/ L2 PostInstall /usr/local/cm/ /partB/usr/local/cm/ /common/log/install/capture.txt"|<LVL::Critical>
11/09/2011 19:54:06|CCMInstall --upgrade ERROR|<LVL::Error>
11/09/2011 19:54:06|Applications upgrade failed|<LVL::Error>11/09/2011 19:54:06|Cleaning up download...|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:06|Removing /common/download/cisco-ipt-k9-patch6.1.3.3000-1.*|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:08|Removing /common/download/|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:11|Cleaning up misc...|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:26|Dumping /usr disk usage to /usr/local/platform/conf/usr_du_out.txt|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:27|Cleaning up rpm_archive...|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:27|Removing /common/rpm-archive/|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:37|CSA Status = 0|<LVL::Debug>
11/09/2011 19:54:37|/etc/init.d/ciscosec start|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:39|(CAPTURE) Starting ciscosec:  [  OK  ]|<LVL::Debug>
11/09/2011 19:54:39|Stop IOWAIT monitor|<LVL::Info>
11/09/2011 19:54:39|1|<LVL::Debug>

Since i dont have the licences for the lab server is this a valid procedure to test the database upgrade ?


Cisco Employee

CUCM Database Migration

That doesn't seem to be a valid upgrade, 5.1(3) is the minimum you need.

Table 10     Export Restricted Supported Cisco Unified  Communications Manager Upgrades for Release 7.1(5b) through 7.1(5x)



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