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Cucm design qu

Hey guys any issues with this design?

Cucm 8.6 pub, presence, UC & Uccx in country A.

Cucm 8.6 sub and seperate Uccx in country B.

Mpls link with 55ms latency between sites.

Plan is run 2 seperate Uccx servers.

Point Uccx and agents/phones to sub in country B.

Point uccx agents/phones to Pub in Country A.

No HA between countries..

700 phones in cluster.

12 agents on each Uccx server.

Any issues you can foresee with this design?

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Cucm design qu


We can have Multiple UCCX cluster integrated with one CUCM cluster.

See chapter "

Multiple Cisco Unified CCX Clusters Integrated with a Single Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cluster" in below link.

I think you are good to go.


Ronak Patel

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Cucm design qu

What is the badwidth between the sites?  You will need 3 MB for remote CUCM Sub.  Is there UCON involved here and split between the locations?


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Cucm design qu

They have 5meg between sites..

I thought we only needed 1.5meg as only Pub>Sub replication?

Also does this replication traffic need to be in a specific queue class over the Wan or can we run it as scavenger etc?

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Cucm design qu

No, check out SRND for clusters with less than 10,000 BHCA you need 1.5mb for database replication for each remote sub and 1.5 Mb for ICCS traffic. So, 1 remote sub requires  3 Mb, 2 remote subs would need 4.5 (2*1.5 + 1*1.5), and so forth.

The replication traffic runs as Best Effort, where the ICCS traffic uses CS3, you can obviously remark it if desired but I would certainly not put in into scavenger.



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