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CUCM interoperatibility w/ Polycom CMA and RMX


The requirement is to integrate CUCM 4.2 with Polycom RMX, audio conference bridge, and CMA, management platform.  Also, Polycom CMA can provide Gatekeeper functionality.  I read in a forum that this can be done with H.323 Gatekeepers. Is it possible to register a CUCM 4.2 to Polycom Gatekeeper on CMA? Please provide configuration example.




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CUCM interoperatibility w/ Polycom CMA and RMX


I have followed the that document but was not successful.  Is it possible to SIP trunk between an RMX2000 and CUCM without the use any gatekeeper?

Is it possible to route calls from the CUCM to the RMX without using CMA, Call manager Express, or DMA?   Only CUCM 8.x and RMX2000.

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CUCM interoperatibility w/ Polycom CMA and RMX


We have a number of route patterns which provide direct dials for IP phones w/ video advantage (or any other device registered with CUCM) to Polycom endpoints.  This is to allow video advantage to dial polycom endpoints without a gatekeeper  

In practice:

  • The route is the number you dial
  • Instead of a route list, define a gateway - this will be the endpoint, or in context - the target address of the RMX.  Be mindful of the target address for the RMX, as it has multiple IP addresses.
  • Also be mindful of the digits the RMX receive - what digits would you dial if you wanted to (a) route to the RMX (b) access a particular meeting room (c) enter a passcode?  Or you may rather just have those entered manually via the attendant?  Your decision of course.

IMHO a route list via an H323 trunk to the CMA (the way I have done it and the way I understand the document describes) is the most superior way, as it allows for a range of numbers to be listed as a route pattern - similar to a summary IP route.  Infact the technology prefix used by CUCM when it registers should be sufficient to "steer the calls" in the right direction when going from polycom to CUCM.  I would consider both directions.

Sadly - in my experience only - if you are planning on using video advantage, brace yourself to be a little dissappointed.  The flexibility (or lack of) of the aspect ratio, and the quality might not impress - or work at all, but at least you'll get audio oevr IP.   I am keeping my fingers crossed for a tanberg product to make video advantage obsolete, and to provide features like (for example) CMA desktop.  Maybe there already is a product that achieves this?

hope it helps

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CUCM interoperatibility w/ Polycom CMA and RMX


Thank you, it has helped immensely. 

I do not know of any tanberg product to make video advantage obsolete.


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Configure it as an ICT Trunk

Configure it as an ICT Trunk pointing to RMX2000, it will works great! :)

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