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CUCM License migration from MCS sever to Vm

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We have CUCM centralized deployment and have publisher, Sub1&Sub2 

Publisher is running on MCS 7825 hardware and around 2000 IP phones are registered to this cluster , those are various models ( 6921, 7821,7841 7942 7937 etc..) , CUCM version 8.6.2 

We would like to migrate CUCM publisher from MCS server to Virtual Machine 

can some one help me how to migrate licenses like User connect, Feature license and none license 

I know existing licenses bonded with MAC address of MCS server 




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You must request a  rehosting

You must request a  rehosting of the license to obtain a valid license. You will send the license MAC to cisco after you have installed your CUCM

Cisco used to bind license file to physical MAC address.  On cucm 8.6 it moved to "License MAC", which is a hash value of multiple system parameters such as NIC speed, NTP, DNS, hostname, etc.

To view the license MAC, you need to install the system first (CUCM,).  Then use the "show status" command.

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you can also refer the attached DOC under Licensing Cisco Unified Communications Manager on virtualized servers.




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Hias experts said, after you


as experts said, after you get the new Licenses MAC from the new installed CUCM

from CLI:

Show Status

send an email to saying that you want to rehost the license associated with the old MAC xxxxxxxxxxxx to the new MAC YYYYYYYYYYYY.

then Cisco will reply with the new licenses files.



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While you're moving why not

While you're moving why not upgrade to CUCM 10.5 and get the licensing moved to PLM?

One thing that was not mentioned is if you have active UCSS/ESW as needed for any sort of migration/issue of new licenses.

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