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CUCM Migration


I would like to get a solution on the following,

My client is having a CUCM 7.0 running as Publisher on MCS7845-H2. Currently they ordered for one more CUCM for configuring as subscriber, but the material received is a MCS7845-I2 with CUCM 7.1 preinstalled. So as it is not able to make different version in a single cluster, can someone advice which is the best practise out of these options as we are having DVD of both 7.0 and 7.1.

1, Is it possible to upgrade the Publisher with 7.1 by just installing the patches available to download from cisco site, in that case i want to know if the licenses currently uploaded in the device is enough and also the configurations will be there itself as it is a live setup. So that the new 7.1 can be added as a subscriber.

2, Can i downgrade the new 7.1 with 7.0 and add as a subscriber to the current publisher. In that case, i received license for 7.1 with the new CUCM, so will it be enough even after downgrading or have to inform cisco and get a different license.

3, Make the new 7.1 as publisher. Backup all configurations from 7.0 and restore it to new 7.1. Then upgrade the old 7.0 using DVD to 7.1 and then add it as a subscriber.

In all these cases am not sure about the licensing part. Can someone advice what will be the best practice.


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Re: CUCM Migration

Waiting for someone to reply on this issue.

Please advice.

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