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CUCM mulitiple paging via ATA and third party paging system

We have several campuses in our school district that use an ATA connected to a third party paging system.  A couple of the Schools are merging...and they wanted to know if we could in some way "link" the two paging systems so that they only have to call one extension when they page.  We are currently using CUCM v 8.6.1





Have you tried putting both

Have you tried putting both of the ATA DN's in a huntgroup with the algorithm set to Broadcast?



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I haven't thought of that...

I haven't thought of that....but would like to try.  Just thinking that CUCM would stop ringing the other extensions once the first one picked up......

Cisco Employee

Yeah, that won't work, plenty

Yeah, that won't work, plenty of people had already tried that to simulate a paging system, you only get the connection to the device that answers the call.

The only possible way I can think of, assuming they're in the same physical area, is to actually fork the cable from the ATA to the paging system.

If not, they'll have to live with two DNs for paging.



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Does Cisco have anything that

Does Cisco have anything that will integrate with CUCM that will allow multiple ATAs to connect at the same time?


I think Informacast may have

I think Informacast may have a solution that will work for you.  What you need is something that will call multiple extensions and create a conference whenever a certain number is called.  Informacast is probably your best bet.

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