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what is the difference in how the name field is used in CUCM?  for example, it seems that it is good practice to add a server by its IP address under System - Server.  if i go to System - Cisco Unified CM - and select a server, there is a field for "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Name".  what is this field used for, versus the name under System - Server?  should I also change this to the IP address? 

In a related query, if I am on the command line and I do a "utils dbreplication runtimestate", where does CUCM draw the "SERVER-NAME" from, and can this be changed?


thank you.


Hi Ben,The "Cisco Unified

Hi Ben,

The "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Name" field under system is just for your reference. You can specify name for your ease and same will get reflect and help you to select servers while defining CUCM Group.

What ever name you define during your installation of CUCM server, same will be updated under System - server. 



Nishant Savalia

Regards, Nishant Savalia
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Nishant, thank you.  This

Nishant, thank you.  This makes sense.

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Latest SRND recommends using

Latest SRND recommends using FQDN as oppose to IP address, the main reason is MRA (Collab Edge) requires FQDN in order to work. If using FQDN you need to ensure your phones can resolve it in DNS.


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thanks, it is possible we may

thanks, it is possible we may use the collab edge product in the future so i'll keep this in mind.

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