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CUCM permition to make call.

Hello all.

In my company we have a CUCM 8.6 working well.

But today if we want to make any call we need to put 0, wait a secund and pass da number which we want.

This kind of control, if this can be call of that, is not what my company want.

We want to peek up the fone, put a personal password and, after that, the tone is open.

But this password can be use in any device, no mather where in the company.

Can any one help me?

My fone model is Cisco IP 6921.

Best regards.

Cisco Employee

That's simply not possible,

That's simply not possible, we have FAC and CMC, but they're both used AFTER you dial the number.

CUCM does not provide any way to do that natively.



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Java is correct (+5 J.), you

Java is correct (+5 J.), you can put an authorization code on route patterns (FAC) but the caller won't be prompted for the code until after they dial the phone number. Also, since we are assigning this to a route pattern, calls to internal destinations are not treated with an access code. 

The closest analog to your scenario is forcing Extension Mobility. But this means that the person must log into the phone using a user ID/PIN before they place calls. Of course, once they are logged in they are not prompted for a PIN when they place calls. 



-Bill (@ucguerrilla)

HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Community Member

Hello all.Thanks William and

Hello all.

Thanks William and Jaime.

I configured to use CMC and is working fine, thank a lot.

Best regards


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