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CUCM Remote Destination - Forwards calling party info instead office phone

Hi all,

Currently I'm running a CUCM in test connected to a SIP Trunk. I'm trying to the Remote Destination feature to work (properly). No I have the following setup:

- IP phone A - DN 6204 EPNM 1234566204 (test phone, basic)

- IP phone B - DN 6205 EPNM 1234566205 (test phone, with Remote Destionation Profile)

- mobile phone A - 0612345678 (configured as Remote Destination)

- mobile phone B - 0687654321 (test phone)

When calling phone B from phone A, mobile phone A rings and displays 1234566205 (as designed).

But, when calling phone B from mobile phone B, mobile phone A rings and displays the main number! This because for some reason it tries to send the ANI of the calling party (0687654321).

All the External Phone Number Masks are set correctly, and the Calling Party Selection on the Trunk is set to Last Redirect Number (External) to use the EPNM. But without any result.

How can I get the right number in my display, please help.

Best regards, Paul

Cisco Employee

Re: CUCM Remote Destination - Forwards calling party info instea

Hi Paul,

A lot of times, the provider does one of three things when they don't like a calling party number coming out of a VOIP network

- Replace the offending calling party number with 'Unknown'

- Replace the offending calling party number with the main billing number

- (Worst case) Reject the call, as the provider suspects it to be a fraudulent call from your VOIP network

If  you have a PRI on the h.323 GW, you can run 'debug isdn q931', make the  test call, and look at the calling party of the outgoing call to your  cell. If the calling party shows up correctly on the debug, but the CLID  on the cell is still the main billing number, you would need to call  your Telco up and ask them to allow any calling party number from your  VOIP network.

Example :

15:26:19.035 Q.931 0x01D3 SETUP           TX -->
SETUP pd = 8  callref = 0x01D3
Bearer Capability i = 0x8090A2
Transfer Capability: Speech, Transfer Mode: Circuit Mode , Transfer Rate: 64
Kbps, Layer 1 Protocol: G.711 u-Law Speech
Channel ID i = 0xA98397
PRI Interface Exclusive channel ID Channel Number 23
Calling Party Number i = 0x0081, '9166148254'
Called Party Number i = 0x80, '9169201519'

- Sriram

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