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CUCM Server Relocation-


I have a CUCM server ver 6 with with 2 Voice GW. The protocol used is MGCP. We are planing to relocate the CUCM to a Data Cente. But the phones phones and the Voice GW will remain in the old locations. We are not plannig to change the IP addr  of the CUCM instead we will change the Voice VLAN Network in the existing location.

In the above what all precautions should be taken ?.Will there be any issues changing the IP of Voice GW in CUCM to new IP range ?


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Re: CUCM Server Relocation-

Will there be any issues changing the IP of Voice GW in CUCM to new IP 
range ?

No, the gateway registers to UCM; UCM only compares the fully-qualified MGCP address which is a concatination of the gateway hostname and domain name. You will need to update the loopback and interface addresses on the gateway to whatever the new IP schema for the stie is since you are apparently moving the subnet to another location.

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Re: CUCM Server Relocation-

Doesn't loss of link to the CUCM server cause the MGCP gateway to re-register and in the process drop calls?  I have to get this nailed down in my head better but if I am correct then that would be a warning and a plus for an h323 setup.

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Re: CUCM Server Relocation-

If the router is also functioning as an SRST reference, then yes you will need to update the SRST reference IP address in UCM. The phones would see the updated address at their next restart.

EDIT: Original question was whether the SRST reference in UCM must also be updated. Poster changed question to ask if MGCP fallback causes calls to drop.

Yes. An MGCP fallback will cause calls to drop on a PRI because the Q.931 signaling was being forwarded to UCM. The mgcp process must release control over the PRI so the default application can take over.  Calls would drop during fallback and recovery because of this.

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