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CUCM server upgrade from to

Hi All,

I have upgraded the CUCM server from to After finishing the upgrade, I am getting the below message on the main web page of the CUCM

Cisco Unified CM Administration

System version:

Licensing Warnings:

System is operating on Demo licenses. Please upload relevant license files.

Under the license report, the status is demo for CCM Node License Feature.

I have checked all the phones are registered with CUCM, Voice mail, UCCX services are working fine. I do not have any issue.

According to CUCM 6.1.3 release notes, it is an enhancement in licensing which identifies the state of a license.

My question, if it is in demo mode now, will it limited the functionality or CUCM will stop after some time? Or it Is just a warning?


Re: CUCM server upgrade from to


The demo license in 6.x has (afaik) 50 DLUs, 1 Node license and 1 Software license.

As soon as you upload any license file, the demo license is removed.

There is no feature limitation, but the 50 DLUs won't get you far if you enable everything (CUP, ...).

Now you see at first sight that you're running on demo license.


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Re: CUCM server upgrade from to

Thanks Martin,

I was missing the CCM node license. Ater uploading the CCM node lic file, eveything is fine.


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Re: CUCM server upgrade from to

Sorry to bring this back from the past, but I am having the same issue right now.

I just upgraded from 6.1(2) to 6.1(3b) and am getting the same licensing warning. I have 244 DLUs, 70 seats for Unity Connection, but apparently I never knew to get the node license for CUCM and didn't know I was operating on the demo license until now.

How can I obtain the node license? I looked back through all of my correspondence with Cisco since I installed the system and found only my DLU upload files and my Unity Connection license upload files.

I tried and inputted the software serial number on the original CUCM 6.0 packaging, but it reports that that is an invalid PAK. Do I need to contact TAC, or is there another way I should be obtaining the license?



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Re: CUCM server upgrade from to

Hi Chris,

Cisco Licensing is very,very good about re-homing these licenses when required. Just send an email to;

Something like this;

We recently aquired licenses tied to PAK xxxxxxxxxxx for our CUCM 6.x cluster. We have just discovered we are still running on the Demo license and require the permanent license tied to the Publisher mac aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd

Here is the pertinent info;

End User Name -

Legal Address


Purchase Order Number - 111111

Sales Order Number - 2222333

Bill to ID - xxxxx

Ship to ID - xxxxxxxxx

Thanks in advance for all your help with this! Can you please email the new license to:

Hope this helps!


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Re: CUCM server upgrade from to

Thanks Rob!

I will do that this morning.


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