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CUCM SIP Trunk IE delivery

Hi,  I have an interesting issue I've not come across before, and I'm sure there will be an easy answer.  I have a CUCM SIP trunk, with pretty much default settings going out to an SP.  I want to have my outgoing ANI display as e164 (including the +) and I find that it shows without the plus.  I've also seen this on ISDN connections through MGCP gateways.  Is there any way to mitigate this from the caling side? i.e. from the CUCM of the outgoing gateway?

Thanks in advance

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CUCM SIP Trunk IE delivery

...and just to clarify, in the case of the MGCP GW, i ran a 'debug isdn q931' and saw that the ANI was going out with the plus intact. (?)

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CUCM SIP Trunk IE delivery

Are you not seeing it in the debugs either?  Is your calling number setup this way or are you prefixing it somewhere?

Are you in US? If so, it would not work on PRI and other TDM based circuits as US carriers dont support it, but it should work on SIP trunk. Please post your "debug ccsip messages".


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Re: CUCM SIP Trunk IE delivery

No, the first issue was just a straight Sip trunk to an ITSP, so no gateway debugs available. I will recreate this later and post CUCM SDI traces.

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