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CUCM Standard local route groups QSIG features

Hi guys,

we have a issue with standard local route groups.

Is it possibile, that QSIG-features, like calling name presentation, don't work with standard local route groups?

If i associated a routepattern directly with a Route-Group (the same as the configured in device pools for using standard local route groups), i get the calling name on my pbx. If i use the standard local route group,  the calling name isn't displayed on my pbx phone.

Is it a bug, or works as designed?

any ideas?



Community Member

Re: CUCM Standard local route groups QSIG features

Is this "feature" maybe descriped here?

Mixed Route Lists

You cannot insert SIP route groups and Q.SIG route groups into a route list at the same time. With the Local Route Group feature, this mixed route list rule cannot get enforced during provisioning because the binding between the Standard Local Route Group and a provisioned route group occurs dynamically during the call setup. Therefore, some Q.SIG related features may not be available. The binding from Standard Local Route Group to a Q.SIG route group should be avoided.

Is this only, if i mixed it with SIP route groups, or generaly? What else Q.SIG features a disabled?

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