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CUCM Stuck at Mounting Local Filesystem


I have a problem with CUCM-Subscriber vesion

I found the screen of CUCM-Subscriber server stuck at this message " Mounting local filesystem OK"  (see  attachement).

I reboot the system and the boot process remains stuck at the same phase.

How do i solve  this situation.


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CUCM Stuck at Mounting Local Filesystem

What hardware are you using?  You may be running into this bug:  CSCsl04537 

More info in the link, but this is the gist of it: 

Problem Description

Certain Firmware versions on the 72GB and 146GB 10K SAS Hard Drives that can reside in MCS-7835-H2 and MCS-7845-H2 servers can become inaccessible during normal operation.

Hard Drives on other servers are not affected.

The affected firmware versions are:

Please see the How to Identify Hardware Levels section for instructions on how to determine the Hard Drive Firmware Version.


Details of this issue are available in HP Firmware Advisory, c01186030

Note: Please do not use the Solution provided in the above link to upgrade firmware. Please follow the directions in the Workaround/Solution section of this notice.

The HP Model numbers for affected drives used in the MCS Servers are:

The affected Firmware versions are:

See the How to Identify Hardware Levels section for instructions on how to determine the Hard Drive Firmware Version.

Replacement of a failed drive with this problem is not necessary and should not be requested. This situation is recoverable in the field as highlighted in the Workaround/Solution section.

Problem Symptoms

A hard drive with one of the affected firmware versions in an MCS-7835-H2 or MCS-7845-H2 may suddenly stop functioning. This behavior is documented in the HP Firmware Advisory, noted in the Background section.


The workaround to this problem is to shut down and power off the server. The drive will regain functionality after powering up. The problem may return after an unknown period of time.

The permanent solution to this problem is to upgrade the Hard Drive firmware. Hard Drive Firmware can only be updated while a drive is running in a server; any SPARE drives that have the affected firmware must be installed in a server in order to be upgraded. Physical access to the server is required to implement this solution.

To Upgrade the Hard Drive Firmware:
1. Go to Unified Communications Manager & Voice Apps Crypto Software (registered customers only)
2. Download 2 files:
3. Burn the FWUCD-1.1.1.iso image onto a CD or DVD
4. Review the contents of the Readme.txt
5. Insert the CD/DVD and then reboot the server
6. Install the Firmware update (see readme.txt for more detail)
7. DO NOT ABORT the installation of firmware updates while they are in progress. If installation is aborted, unpredictable results may occur!
8. After the installation of the firmware updates, power cycle the server and allow it to reboot.

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Re: CUCM Stuck at Mounting Local Filesystem

Thanks Gregory,  

I use  MCS-7835-H2 with 2 HDD  DG146BABCF model, firmware version HPD5 .

Version 2.8.1  is the latest  Cisco Firmware Update that I find on Cisco website.

This update  is applicable to my  HDD  DG146BABCF model?

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Re: CUCM Stuck at Mounting Local Filesystem

It looks like you have the correct update. 

Just a disclaimer here: Please understand the risks when updating firmware.  You can brick your device if done improperly.  Please research and know the risks before deciding to more forward.

In other words, don't just go by my word that you should be good.  I can't be held responsible if things don't turn out well.

Read all the relesae notes and install procedures before proceeding.

Good Luck!

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Re: CUCM Stuck at Mounting Local Filesystem

I updated the firmware version but the system stuck in the same phase.

You know if It's possible to solve this problem  if I used the recovery disk ?

Or the system need to be reinstalled.


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