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CUCM termXX.default.loads, how to modify the frimware it points to?

Hello Pros

I know that when you do a factory reset, 7900 phones look for the termXX.default.loads (being XX 42, 62, etc) file on the TFTP, and that this file in the end just directs them to the firmware they have to download.

My question is; What is the appropiate way to manipulate what firmware version do those files point to? This is useful when the majority of your phones are either too old and need an intermediate load or too new and need a newer load.

What we've done is manually deleted those files, manipulated them and upload them again to the TFTP servers. However I am not sure if that is the most elegant/recommended solution. I've searched the documentation and have not found any method. I am dealing with CUCM versions 7.X 8.X ATM, I don't know if newer ones behave differently.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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You could set your phone with

You could set your phone with a temp tftp server ip address, for example the ip of a PC running tftpd32, It's a free tftp server software. You have to copy in the folder of the tftp server the default xml file "XMLDefault.cnf.xml". I'm going to attach It, in my file I have set the load SCCP42.9-3-1SR3-1S for Cisco 7962. Inside the file you can add the name of the load file with the firmware that you want to install on your phone. You have to copy inside the tftp folder all the files for the upgrade.

Step 1

Install and run the tftp server

Step 2

Copy the XMLDefault.cnf.xml and all the firmware files in the dir of tftp server

Step 3 

edit the XML file at the level of your phone model with the name of the load file

Step 4

If you have access to the settings of the phone set alternate tftp to yes and set the tftp ip address with the one of the tftp server on the pc.




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Thanks for your answer

Thanks for your answer Francesco

However, what I am looking for is how to modify the termXX.default.loads file to control what phone load will download first any phone (from that specific XX model) in my cluster that gets a Factory Reset (from that specific model).



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