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Hi Guys,

I am plan to upgrade the call manager from the version 8.6 to 10.0.,while upgradating from 8.6 can i directly upgradte to 10.0? should i need to order any Migration Licenses?

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Advice me on this upgradation

Advice me on this upgradation steps

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You can refer below upgrade

You can refer below upgrade guide, it will help you to plan perfectly.

You need to request the license via Product Upgrade Tool, you need to get converted DLUs to UCL/CUWL from Cisco as per your requirement, license structure has changed in 9.x and later.

CUCM 10.0 and beyond is only supported in a virtualized deployment so you need to take care of it.


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Dear Suresh,Thanks for your

Dear Suresh,

Thanks for your information,

Its already in a Virtual deployement,we dont have the subscription for ucss.

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Hi Siva, If you do not have

Hi Siva,


If you do not have the UCSS, then ,, u need to contact Partner who could provide u with BoQ for migration.




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Hi Aman, Thanks fo the info.

Hi Aman,


Thanks fo the info.

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Hi Siva, Basically, PCD is an

Hi Siva,


Basically, PCD is an pplication used for migration of legacy CUCM clusters version 6.1.5, 7.1.5 , 8.x to new VM based servers.Also, to change IP address on CUCM 10, switch versions,reboot and install COP files.


In your case, u can upgrade to 10 even without PCD. Just need to check the compatibility matrix.




Hello1-As mr/Aman , you will


1-As mr/Aman , you will need to purchase UCSS for 1 or 3 years up to youfrom one of the Cisco parteners resellers , which allow you to do upgrade ,then you can purchase as optional ESW which is useful to contact TAC for any upgrade Bugs .After that we can do convert from DLU to UCL via the product upgrade tool (PUT). Keep in your mind 6 DLUs converted to 1 X UCL.



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Thanks for the valuable

Thanks for the valuable information.

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Dear Islam,Should i required

Dear Islam,

Should i required PCD for this upgradation?

HelloI have a question , the


I have a question , the upgrade will be for only CUCM or CUC , CUCX?.

You have the both ways "UCSS or PCD" // "where PCD do not need for licesnes" .PCD is a special feature for  V10.X  .

1-The PCD SW & ova should be shipped along with the CUCM 10.x bootable image.You should be able to find the OVA in downloads section using the following path.


2-Downloads Home > Products > Unified Communications > Call Control > Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) > Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 10.0 > Unified Communications Manager Virtual Machine Templates-10.0(1).



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Hello Kindly check the below



Kindly check the below link which is very useful . The below link includes also Video



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Dear kamal,The upgradation is

Dear kamal,

The upgradation is for CUCM,UC,CWMS,CUCX.

Hello That means that you



 PCD used for CUCM doesnt support CUC and UCCX migration at the moment .Just FYI

PCD used for migrate from  VM to VM ,and it comes with v 10.x.Direct Migration from "6.1(5),7.1(3)/7.1(5),8.0(1-3),8.6(1-2),9.x TO v10.0+".migration support "A-old IP/Hostname for all cluster nodes", "B-Changing IP .hostname for one or more nodes".


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You also need to review the

You also need to review the RNs and new and changed documentation prior to any actual work on the servers.

You can also consider PCD



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Dear Jaime,Thanks for your

Dear Jaime,

Thanks for your mail,

Is it necessary to considerd the PCD?

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