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CUCM Upgrade 4.2 to 6.1

If I upgrade from 4.2 to 6.1 and onto a new server at the same time, do I need to apply to cisco to get the DMA license re-issued for a new MAC address, or does 6.1 now resolve this?

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Re: CUCM Upgrade 4.2 to 6.1

you need to reach licensing to get the license rehosted (, DMA only exports it but using the old MAC address



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Re: CUCM Upgrade 4.2 to 6.1

I'd be curious to hear anyones experiences bad or good here. Would it be best to first migrate 4.2 over to the new server and then upgrade, or just re-apply for the license.

I liked the idea of being able to build the server in parallel but obviously need to apply for the license change. Given this is a live upgrade, how quick would the licensing team respond to such an email.

If migrating first to the new server, obviously I would then have to down the existing publisher for the new rebuild.

Has anyone found any major plus points in doing this a certain way? Thanks.

Re: CUCM Upgrade 4.2 to 6.1

DMA is DMA. The concept is as follows:

- Run DMA on 4.2

- it exports the DMA TAR file to the 4.2. server folder you pick

- copy it off the server and MOH, ringtones, background pics, etc.

- if you have a new server you can build the new 6.1 server in the lab.

- when it asks for your server name, IP address, input the SAME as your existing 4.2 Publisher. Do not change ANYTHING

- When it asks for your DMA file, point to the file located on an FTP server you have running.

- CUCM 6.1 during install, imports the file, converts it to the new informix database and sets up the 6.1 server.

- once the server is online, setup the licensing, check the log files.

- if all looks good, shut down your 4.2 publisher

- bring up your 6.1 Publisher online

- bring down your 4.2 subscriber

- test. If all works, you can go ahead and start loading the 6.1 subscriber.

For licensing, it's super confusing I agree, but here are the bullets:

- Use the Product Upgrade Tool online to acquire your new 4.2 to 6.x license. This will spit out a new LIC file for your Subscription services

- when the email conformation comes in, forward this email to and request your Node and DLU license worksheet.

- fill in the worksheet with the new MAC address of the Publisher, Device counts (7941,7961, etc) and Nodes.

- Licensing will then issue you a few more LIC files you add to the Publisher.

Hope this helps.

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