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Hi we are upgrading our call manager servers from 7.0.1 to 8.0.(3a). Ii would like to know the following things.

1.Is there any settings that are not carried over to 8.0(3a) from 7.0.1 after the upgrade that I need to be aware of. For example

AD Integration
PIN and Passwords
Translation Pattern
Gateway configs.(H.323,MGCP,VG224 etc)
Sip Trunks
Route groups
MoH files etc.

2.If people already logged in to the phone using extension mobility  before the upgrade. will they still be logged in after the upgrade or logged out?

3.Do i need to upload the feature license for 8.x before the upgrade or after upgrading to 8.x i need to upload the feature license? If i upload the feature license after the upgrade then my Call manager service will be down till i upload the feature license? How should i make sure that my call manaager service is running straight after the upgrade?


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Re: CUCM UPGRADE 8.0(3a)


1. Everything is migrated.

2. You don't need to log users out, and the current logged in status is maintained.

3. I usually add the license after the upgrade. 90% of the installs I work on are multi-server, so the publisher being offline for a short while is not a problem (no active registrations). Also consider that if you only have a single server, it will still take a few minutes for phones to update firmware, so you have time to upload the license. I would certainly register your upgrade PAKs on the Cisco license portal before doing the upgrade though.



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Re: CUCM UPGRADE 8.0(3a)

Hello Dear.

it will take all details that you have into verison 7 system when go to verison 8.

i have done this activity last week on my three different offices and it is working well and haivng all previous details also.

PLease tell me if you need any issue regaridng the upgrade process.

just one thing remember that is the hardware support for cucm 8 upgradation as with cisco process.


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