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CUCM Upgrade and hardware replacment

I have the following configuration for Call Manager

Centralized Call Manager
-Publisher - MCS7835,  CUCM 7.1.2    7 remote site gateways.  CUCM 7.1.2
-Subscriber - MCS7825
-Subscriber - MCS7825

I want to get to this:

-Publisher - MCS7835,  CUCM 7.1.3    7 remote site gateways.  CUCM 7.1.3
-Subscriber - MCS7835
-Subscriber - MCS7835

So I need to replace the 7825's with 7835's and go to CUCM 7.1.3

I can see two ways to go:

Method 1

*build the 2 new subs at version 7.1.3
*Upgrade Pub to 7.1.3  (make sure we stay with current phone loads)
*Add sub3 to cluster
*Update cm group to include sub3
*Shut down sub1
Phones re-register to Pub
Then phones re-register to sub3
Remove sub2  from group and add sub4
Change gateways to point to sub3
*Normal upgrade test plan

Method 2

*build 2 new subs at version 7.1.2
*shut down sub1 (MCS7825)
*phones register to pub
*replace sub1 with MCS7835 as sub1 and same IP
*repeat with new sub2

now have pub and 2 subs - all MCS7835 and at version 7.1.2
upgrade the cluster to 7.1.3

Would one method preferred over the other???



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Re: CUCM Upgrade and hardware replacment

Hi Bill,

You will probably get some various responses here as I don't think there

is necessarily a "right" or "wrong" way here. I would opt for method number

2, as I really believe in the old "KISS" principle with this stuff. Adding in too

many variables can really become a problem when trying to troubleshoot any

issues. So I would go for the two-step approach

Just my 2 cents!



Re: CUCM Upgrade and hardware replacment

Much less work to go with Option 2 and lot less swinging around of configs.  That's your ticket.


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Re: CUCM Upgrade and hardware replacment

Ok - I just figure it doesn't hurt to hear from people who have more experience in doing these.  I wasn't sure if you might create a problem by swapping one server for another and giving it the same name and IP.



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