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CUCM10 Outgoing call failure - not all digits passed to gateway.

Hi All,

We have a new CUCM 10 setup with a h.323 router (ISDN PRI).

Our old setup (CUCM 8.5) still works flawlessly, and settings are mostly the same.
However, it seems that the new Callmanager isn't passing all digits to the h.323 gateway.
Only 8 digits are passed, which of course results in a failed call as most numbers require 10 digits.

The 8 digits problem has been verified by debugging the gateway.
Placing a local call with only requires 7 digits works flawlessly.
Also, incoming calls work fine.

My question is, which setting did I miss that restricts outgoing calls to 8 digits?

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using which debug command you

using which debug command you verified it, is it "debug isdn q931" or "debug voip ccapi inout" ?

Using debug voip ccpi inout you will find on gateway that what exactly CUCM is sending to gateway, if it 8 digits then you need to check route patterns, overlapping dial plan, might be urgent priority is checked somewhere.



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Hi Suresh,Thanks for the

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for the pointers.

There was a conflict between the numbering plan on the gateway and the one on the route-list details.
Fixing that did NOT fix the problem...until we rebooted the Callmanager.


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Good to know that !!!Suresh 

Good to know that !!!



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