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New Member

CUCM7 sip trunk to 3cx via CUBE

Hi there,

Please help me with my issue.

There are 2 separate parts on single building , each one has own VOIP implementation. 1 part VoIP is based on CUCM7 and another one works with IP PBX 3CX. CUCM and PBX system have 4 digit extensions (1000-8999) Now I'm trying to connect them through CUBE wich 2811 ISR router.  

CUBE reaches to CUCM and IPPBX through 1 fa0/0 interace with ip address



In 3CX side i configure Gateway with 10028 username. this credentials will be used to register sip-ua for CUBE.  and from cucm estabilished sip-trunk to cube. 

here is conf of cube:

voice service voip
 ip address trusted list
 allow-connections h323 to sip
 allow-connections sip to h323
 allow-connections sip to sip
  bind control source-interface FastEthernet0/0
  bind media source-interface FastEthernet0/0
interface FastEthernet0/0
 description 3CX
 ip address
 duplex auto

dial-peer voice 8 voip
 description to 3CX
 destination-pattern 1297
 session protocol sipv2
 --More--          session target ipv4:
 no voice-class sip outbound-proxy   
 codec g711ulaw
dial-peer voice 847 voip
 description To-CUCM
 destination-pattern 1126
 session protocol sipv2
 session target ipv4:
 codec g711ulaw
 credentials username 10028 password 7 1446425B5E5C realm 3CXPhoneSystem
 authentication username 10028 password 7 101F5949574F realm 3CXPhoneSystem
 registrar ipv4: expires 3600

when i call from 3cx side calls one time was successfull then it give me 404 not found. 

Please help me with dialpeers. how i can configure dial peers to call from 3cx to cucm and vice versa.


Hi.3CX system, also send you


3CX system, also send you a user unknown message.

Can you please che 3Cx side how did you define the user.

Are you able to authenticate with a softphone such as SJPhone to 3cx system with the defined user?


also send the output of a show sip-ua register status.











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New Member

Hi Carlo, thank you for your

Hi Carlo, thank you for your reply.

when create any gateway or trunk 3CX system gives for it 5 digit extension number and it's normally not available when you call to this number directly it is only gateway i.e. 10028.  so in 3cx system, status of this gateway   is registered.

and in cube show sip-ua register status  is registered. 

sh sip-ua register status
Line                             peer       expires(sec) registered P-Associ-URI
================================ ========== ============ ========== ============
10028                            -1         204          yes   

in cucm side extension number 1126

and 3CX's extension 1297

Hi.Under sip-ua add no remote


Under sip-ua add no remote-party-id and try to call.

Let me know





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New Member

Hello Carlo,thnk you for your

Hello Carlo,

thnk you for your reply. I added Under sip-ua  no remote-party-id and tried to call. but still i get 404 not found.

dial -peers are correct?

Hi. under sip-ua add calling



under sip-ua add calling-info pstn-to-sip remote-party-id number set 10028

and send a debug ccsip message output







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New Member

Hi Carlo thank you for your

Hi Carlo 

thank you for your reply!

in attachment you can find debug file.

still i get 404 not found

Hi also set add calling-info


also set add calling-info pstn-to-sip remote-party-id name set 10028 and, if you can, send the output of 3CX logs to see if we can get something interesting from there.







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New Member

Hello is log files

Hello Carlo.

here is log files from 3cx and cube when i try to call from 3cx internal extension 1297 to CCM extension 1126 via CUBE gateway. I still get 404 not found message.

ip addresses are:




CUBE available for 3cx and ccm from single interface

3cx trunk with CUBE via SIP with credentials 10028 and 3CX  is registrar.

Dial peers not clear for me.

Best regards,



I think you dont need

I think you dont need username and password inside local network

unnecessary complication


and also it is possible to connect cucm to 3cx directly. without cube

New Member

Thank you for your reply. as

Thank you for your reply. as I know 3cx trunk and gateways need password. and how it is possible to trunk 3cx directly to cucm?

kind regards


New Member

I am trunking CUCM directly

I am trunking CUCM directly to 3CX as well.  I have found that I can call from 3CX to CUCM fine, but from CUCM to 3CX calls fail.

Calls from CUCM to 3CX are getting a 407 Proxy Authentication Required from 3CX.  If there is not a SIP Realm defined in CUCM then CUCM just drops the call.  If I add the "3CXPhoneSystem" SIP Realm then CUCM will respond to the 407 with the username and password that are defined in the SIP Realm.  However nothing that I put in the username and password field works - I always get a 404 User Unknown.  I've tried extension credentials and virtual port credentials, but it never works.

Do you have required

Do you have required configuration in place including application user?

- Vivek

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