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CUCME 7.0 7940G looking for OS79XX.TXT

We have 7940G connected to CUCME version 7.0 The phone is looking for OS79XX.TXT. So have downloaded it but I assume it needs to be edited to point to P00308000500.

What should the contents of the file look like please?

P00308000500 <-- perhaps



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Re: CUCME 7.0 7940G looking for OS79XX.TXT

Hi Ajaz,

Hope all is well!

In current versions, the following conventions are used:

•SCCP firmware-P003xxyyzzww.bin, where x represents the major version, y represents the major subversion, z represents the maintenance version, and w represents the maintenance subversion.

•SIP firmware-P0S3-xx-y-zz, where x represents the major version, y represents the minor version, and z represents the subversions.

•MGCP firmware-P0M3-xx-y-zz, where M is the third character. The major, minor, and subversions for MGCP are consistent with the SIP naming convention.

A protocol boot mechanism is used to select the firmware image. During the phone bootup, regardless of protocol, the first file requested is the OS79XX.TXT file. The OS79XX.TXT file includes a line that contains the image name of the protocol that you select to run. For example, the image should read P003xxyyzzww for SCCP, P0S3-xx-y-zz for SIP, or P0M3-xx-y-zz for MGCP.

The phone uses the first four characters in the image name of the OS79XX.TXT file to determine how to load the image. If the first four characters match, the universal boot mechanism is bypassed and the phone continues with its current protocol boot sequence. However, if the first four characters do not match (namely the third digit, which represents the protocol), the universal boot mechanism will attempt to load the new protocol image that has been defined in the OS79XX.TXT file.

Example for 7.0(1)


Upgrade IP Phone Firmware with CCME

Hope this helps!



Re: CUCME 7.0 7940G looking for OS79XX.TXT

Thank you Rob. To be honest I'm relatively familiar with OS79xx.txt file and it's format. I had it right on this occasion but one phone out of a batch of five just didn't want to know.

I have seen weird anomolies when upgrading phones and have found that alot depends on what version of code it currently has running. In other cases I can offer no explanation :-/

Nevertheless, I have picked up new knowledge from the information that you provided, which was first class as ever :-) and that is much appreciated.

btw - do you know if code be downgraded with cme?

best regards


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Re: CUCME 7.0 7940G looking for OS79XX.TXT

Hi Ajaz,

Sorry man! I knew when I sent the answer that you would probably have seen all this before and that you would be very familiar with the naming conventions etc. I was really just trying to validate your thoughts (which were right on the money) and add any help that I could :)

The firmware can certainly be downgraded in CME. The same rules apply regarding signed and un-signed loads, that's about all you would need to worry about.

Hope this helps! Have a great weekend,


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