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CUE 2.3.1 - System Prompts

Does anyone have a list of all of the system prompts included with CUE 2.3.1? I can't find one in the Cisco CUE docs or by googling. Specifically, I'm looking for one that states something along the lines of "No name found. Please try again."

I have a "Name to User" step and in the Timeout and Unsuccessful branches I have goto's back to the "Name to User" step. It'd be nice if it played the above example message in the same voice before playing the "Spell the last name..." from the "Name to User" step before prompting for the caller to spell the name.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated,


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Re: CUE 2.3.1 - System Prompts

I've looked, and seems like there is no system prompt saying that. There is a "name_not_found.wav", but it says something different.

To extract all the system prompts, use a binary editor to remove some proprietary header from the language file. The rest is then a compressed tarfile.


Re: CUE 2.3.1 - System Prompts

Cool. Good to know. I think it's probably better to leave it as is then to add a prompt in a different voice.

thanks for the tip,


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Re: CUE 2.3.1 - System Prompts

You are welcome. I hate having the prompts in different voices, fortunately in my case they are either long user blurbs or short system prompts, thing that seems OK to me.

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