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CUE 7.0 ports not registering with UCM 6.1.2

I am getting JTAPI login failed. Error while determining CCM version -2 message when trying to associate the ports in CUE. I had these ports registered over the weekend when I first cut the site over, but sometime yesterday they have unregistered. Now I am getting the above error.

Also the Callmanager web user and JTAPI user successfully.

Any Ideas



Re: CUE 7.0 ports not registering with UCM 6.1.2

Could you please explain problem in points

as what error while checking the ccm version and what message while associating ports in CUE?


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Re: CUE 7.0 ports not registering with UCM 6.1.2

When trying to add the CTI ports in the CUE gui, i click Expand to also show available ports on Callmanager, I get an error message in the popup window that says: IOException: Error while determining CCM version -2.

So I am not able to see the available ports that are associated to the jtapi user in callmanager.


Re: CUE 7.0 ports not registering with UCM 6.1.2

The parameters for the JTAPI user association in CCM 5.X and CCM 6.X are slightly

different from what we used to do before (3.3/4.0/4.1/): The user needs to be an

application user. Please see the steps below:

- Add Route points (Device-> CTI Route Point)

- Add CTI Ports (Device-> Phone->CTI Ports)

*** The JTAPI user step is slightly different ***

- First the JTAPI user must be created as an Application User (User

Management->APPLICATION USER->Add new )

- Go to User Management->User Group->search for "STANDARD CTI ENABLED"->Click on

this and ADD the application USER that you created in the previous step"

- Next associate the route points & CTI ports to the JTAPI user(Appuser) (User

management->Application User->Click on the user that you created->and Associate

your route points and CTI ports to the controlled


In CUE is the same configuration as for 4.x, just verify with this command:

# sh ccn subsystem jtapi

Verify the CCM ip address, JTAPI user username and the CTI ports.

Finally in CUCM verify the CTI Route Points and CTI ports shows as "registered", if not

try to reload the CUE module.

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