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CUE Autoattendant - Same option, different extension after hours

Hello everyone.

First of all, thanks for taking the time to consider my issue. 

I'm using a 2851 as my CME router with a NME-CUE module.

Running CUE 7.0.3

My problem is with the AA script. 

The autoattendant is set up to prompt for english or spanish first, and then drops into submenus for each.

Our client wishes to have an after-hours blast group for option# 2, pilot 1112, and a sequential hunt group during business hours, pilot 4444.

Noticing I was unable to do this within the CUE web GUI, I downloaded the script and used the CUE editor to modify this script. 

I've attached a screenshot of what the script looks like now, after my edits.

When I uploaded the script back through the CUE GUI, I was informed there was errors, and when I called the AA, it gave an generic "we are experiencing system problems" prompt.

I was able to make other changes and upload fine without errors, (was having an issue with dial-by-extension anytime in our submenu) so I don't think its the CUE editor itself.

When I try to add a Business Hours condition under "Press 2", copying the same code for transferring from the original business hours option as well as an additional option (under Closed) to dial 1112 for the new blast group, it doesn't work anymore.

Anyone know of a possible solution?  I'm open to using tools other than the CUE editor if they are at least slightly intuitive.

Thanks again.

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Re: CUE Autoattendant - Same option, different extension after h


Email me the .aef file and I can help you. Its hard to read the jpeg image.

1) When you uploaded the script file did it give you any errors, did you modify the sample scripts and uploaded it.

2) Sample script was from ver 7 or some other version.

Either way email me with information and I will create it for you...



Re: CUE Autoattendant - Same option, different extension after h

Under Spanish option from Main menu, when user presses "2"

XferExtn variable have you hard coded the extension you want the caller to be transfered to or not when you defined the variable.

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