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CUE & CCM problem, help needed!


I have a strange problem where I have trouble locating the root cause. For some reason I am unable to get CUE to work properly.

My environment:

CCM cluster 4.0(1) at central location, several other locations which use Unity 4.0.4 and have no callmanager on-site (using voicemail profiles for the different sites). All works fine. Now, a new site just rolled out, but instead of Unity 4.0.4 I have Unity Express 2.2.2

The new site has two 2851 routers, both running advanced IP services 12.4(11)T

The first router has all ISDn BRI interfaces to the PSTN, the other router holds the NM-CUE.

Below is the behavior I see:

I can call the voicemail pilot number from both internal and external so the JTAPI config and CTI route points seem okay.

When I press the messages button on the phones it plays the Unity Express prompt. It plays the "to ge the most from Unity" for phones configured with a mailbox, and the general "enter your ID" prompt for all other phones. This makes me conclude that the voicemail profile and pilot number are setup okay.

When I call an extension with voicemail box configured and the checkmarks forwards busy and no answer to voicemail set, it does not go to voicemail though. For internal calls it gives the fast busy after the no answer ring timer (15 seconds) where for external calls it rings 15 seconds, then you can hear that it restarts ringing (just by listening to the ring tones very closely) for another 15 seconds, then it disconnects and gives fast busy.

I am running out of options to check. Anybody that has a clue???

Thanks in advance,


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Re: CUE & CCM problem, help needed!

Make sure that you are using G.711 codec when the caller gets redirected to VM, or a transocder as CUE only works with G711.




Re: CUE & CCM problem, help needed!


All CTI ports, phones, CTI route points and gateway are in the same region, egion is configured to use G711 codec.

I can call the pilot number, but external calls fail to be forwarded to voicemail



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Re: CUE & CCM problem, help needed!

Hi Leo,

It sure seems from your description here that this is a forwarding issue more than anything. I'm sure that you have double and triple checked the CSS for Forward Busy/Forward No Answer to make sure the calls can access the CUE Pilot #? Also, on one phone can you play with entering the actual Pilot # for FNA/FB instead of the checkboxes.

Hope this helps!


PS: You may want to post this on the Unity Forum as well :)


Re: CUE & CCM problem, help needed!

Allright, I've just got it to work. Allthough I did check (and triple checked as Rob mentioned) the css and partitions it turned out that I have not been following the installation/configuration guide to the T which caused the problem and strange behavior.

It turned out that all my config was correct except for the part where I did not configure the calling search space at the line number of the CTI ports and CTI route points, but on the devices only (while this is clearly documented by Cisco that this may cause problems with CCM version 4.0)

For those interested, here is the doc that you should follow to the T for CUE and CCM:

That CUE resides on another router then the H.323 gateway does not matter at all since the CTI ports and CTI route points are controlled via JTAPI.

Problem was, that the documentation only states that it will cause MWI problems if CTI route points are missing the calling search space configuration, but in my I had to add the calling search space to the line config of the CTI ports as well. Anyway, adding the css to the lines solved my problem and CUE is now running fine (with MWI as well ;-))

Thanks for replying and sorry for bothering with this topic, but hope it will prevent others from making the same mistake ;-)

Kind regards,


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Re: CUE & CCM problem, help needed!

Hi Leo,

I a sure you can help me.

I have a similar issue. Internally i can leave voicemails fine.

for external calls i can leave a voicemail but the users neither see the envelope nor does the MWI come on. If you log into CUE it says no messages.

It seems the messages are getting lost somewhere.

I have double checked the CSS as you mentioned, but the problem still persists .

Any help would be appreciated.


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