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CUE dial by name showing double

I have an issue with CUE 2.1. We are setting up an auto-attendant (we created the script) and are using the dial-by-name feature.

When we go into dial-by-name and trying dialing certain users, it will list multiple entries. IE. 'hit 1 to speak with J O E B L O W (spells the name out), hit 2 to speak with Joe Blow (sounds like the voicemail prompt for that person). It only does it with certain users.

All users are set up with just first name (small install). All mailboxes are associated with the user. Under the extension, some of the names and labels have the users first and last name. It just so happens, the ones with first and last names in those fields are the ones that show up double. Making the name and label just first name for those people and reseting phones does not help.

It really doesnt seem to be a script issue because it is working, just double for some people.

Thanks for any help....

New Member

Re: CUE dial by name showing double

I figured it out, it was due to the fact that when transferring the names initially from CME, it only took first name (actually put in last name field). Some had been modified and had the first name in both fields (first and last name). I guess CUE thought there were two instances of the user. When we put first and last names correctly, the problem went away...

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