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CUE information mailbox

I need to set up an info mailbox, where the caller cannot leave a message on CUE 3.2.2, has anyone been able to do this?

I tried setting the message time to 0, but it must be 10 or higher.

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Re: CUE information mailbox

Hi Scott,

Here is the CUE Design recommendation;

Voice Mailbox Application

A Cisco Unity Express GDM can also be used to implement an "announcement mailbox" application. Define a GDM, associate it with an extension (which becomes the equivalent of your pilot number for this application), and log in to the GDM and record the announcement you want played as the outgoing greeting of the mailbox. You can record an alternate greeting as well and therefore, by changing the greeting of the mailbox between standard and alternate, you could alternate between two different prerecorded announcements.

Building the "announcement mailbox" application by using the Cisco Unity Express GDM voice mail features has the following characteristics and tradeoffs:

•The person making changes to the GDM greetings (rerecording the announcement) requires access to the GDM. This person must therefore have a personal mailbox defined, and be a member of the group associated with the GDM. The person's personal mailbox provides PIN authentication so that only designated administrators can make changes to the announcement.

•The person making changes to the GDM greetings requires only telephone (TUI) access to the Cisco Unity Express system; no browser or IP access is necessary.

•You do not have full control over the exact content of the phrases spoken to the caller. The recorded greeting for the GDM is played out to the caller (which you can fully control), but that is followed by the system prompt "You may record your message at the tone. When you are finished you can hang up, or press pound for more options," which cannot be bypassed, suppressed, or provided in a language other than the system language installed on Cisco Unity Express.

•You cannot disconnect the call from the Cisco Unity Express system-the caller must disconnect.

•If the active greeting of the GDM is rerecorded, it becomes live immediately. If the alternate greeting is rerecorded it can be made live by manually changing the active greeting of the mailbox-this action cannot be scheduled to happen automatically at a future time.

•To provide an announcement in different languages you can define multiple different GDMs, each containing the announcement in an individual language. This call flow requires separate PSTN call-in numbers to differentiate which language the caller wants. The caller cannot be prompted for a language choice.

•The smallest size mailbox that can be defined on Cisco Unity Express is 10 seconds. It cannot be zero. If the caller does not hang up after the announcement is completed, the caller is presented the normal mailbox dialog and is offered an opportunity to leave a very short message.

Hope this helps!


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Re: CUE information mailbox

Given the many limitations, that doesn't seem to be an announcement mailbox at all :)

Better to use a small AA script or the TCL/IVR script that I wrote, that doesn't even require CUE!

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Re: CUE information mailbox

Hey Paolo,

Too true my friend :) It doesn't even seem like it can be called that if the caller can still leave a message (albeit a short message)??

You are most correct that the second recommendation from this doc is this;

Announcement Only" Mailbox

You can use either the Cisco Unity Express AA or a voice mailbox in order to play an announcement to callers that changes frequently (perhaps daily or hourly). Cisco Unity Express does not have a direct feature or mailbox type called an "announcement-only" mailbox, but you can use various other Cisco Unity Express features in combination to achieve this operation.

AA Application

The Cisco Unity Express AA is the most flexible way of implementing an "announcement-only" mailbox implementation. Write an AA script that plays an announcement (prompt) to callers.

+5 points for your great help and humor here!



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Re: CUE information mailbox

Thank you for your continuous appreciation Rob, I've rated you for the great attention you put in every answer you give.

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Re: CUE information mailbox

I had thought about using GDM, but it doesn't do anything a standard mailbox cannot do. I also thought about the AA option, but it tends to cause more trouble getting people to change the recordings. Thanks for the input.