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New Member

CUE license count & info

I have a UC560 box with CUE 7.1.3

Pardon my lack of understanding on the CUE.

Below is the licensing info that i extracted from the CUE

Licensing Information
Default # personal mailboxes:      125
Default # general delivery mailboxes:      25
Maximum # configurable mailboxes:      150
Maximum message space (minutes):      1920
Maximum # telephony ports:      12
Maximum # VM/AA ports:      12

I would like to know what the telephony ports and VM/AA ports means.

Does each user with mailbox consume 1 telephone port or VM port?

Also does setting MWI also consume any of the available port quota.

Ill need these info for sizing and future purchase or more licenses

Appreciate if any one can provide me some insights

Thank you


Re: CUE license count & info


Telephony Ports means: Number of maxmum users can connect to CUE to leave message

VM/AA Ports: Number of maximum users can connect to the Application VoiceMail and AutoAttendant (both are built-in)

I think the port number: 12 is fair enough for mailbox 150 if you dont use the CUE for any special purpose other than voicemailing.



Mijanur Rahman

Cisco Employee

Re: CUE license count & info

No, I don't think MWI func. on CUE consumes any of the licensed AA/VM ports.

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