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CUE Prompt Uploading Problem

I have read through many threads here with problems related to changing the prompts in the CUE. My problem however, is that when I upload my newly recorded prompt, and implement it into the script, it still doesn't play...instead it plays the old version of the prompt. I have overwrote the old, and the byte count and date reflects that of the NEW prompt. I have done this many times, even deleted the old completely and uploaded the new, with no change. I rebooted CUE and even my router, but still no change.

Any ideas why that I cannot get my newly recorded .wav prompt to take effect, even though it shows it is replacing the old .wav prompt?


Cisco Employee

Re: CUE Prompt Uploading Problem

Do you have many prompts on the system? Could it be that there's a file containing the old prompt and that's what the script is playing? The prompts don't really get cached, so if you really are overwriting a prompt, it'll definitely play it.

What happens if you re-download the prompt you just uploaded? Does it sound like the new prompt?

New Member

Re: CUE Prompt Uploading Problem

We have a few prompts in the system, and when we redownload our new prompt, it will play just fine. So we have verefied that the prompt we are uploading is the correct one. I have tried both overwriting the old prompt, and uploading it with a new filename and changing the name in the auto attendant. Either way, the old prompt still plays.

Thanks for your reply.

Cisco Employee

Re: CUE Prompt Uploading Problem

Ok, we'd need to gather a bunch of stuff to see what's going on (might be better to do this in a TAC case):

- show software version (from CUE CLI)

- name of the file you've uploaded and the variable in the script you're using to reference it (such as menuPrompt or whatever)

- trace from a call that shows the bad behavior (see below). I would also first turn on 'trace webint all' (followed by the 'clear trace as described below), then do the upload (i assume you're using the GUI to do the prompt upload) and then make a test call that illustrates the behavior

To gather a CUE trace for a call, log into the CUE CLI ("serv serv x/y session") then issue the commands:

- "clear trace"?(this clears the diagnostics messages in memory so you don't see information from all previous calls)

- make a test call (don't wait long to do that; if other calls come in first, just issue another "clear trace" first)

- "show trace buffer long"; it'll take a while to quit scrolling output, but eventually it will.? Once it does, just copy/paste the output to a text file (or you can just set your terminal emulation program to log to file.? That's usually easier).

New Member

Re: CUE Prompt Uploading Problem

Are you using the correct editor for that version of CUE?

New Member

Re: CUE Prompt Uploading Problem

Yes, our CUE Editor is fine, and we have 'verefied' the script. Again, the script runs fine, and the .wav prompt will upload completely. You can look at the byte count and date & time and you will see the new settings. But for some reason, we are unable to get the old to stop playing and new to play.

Thanks for your response.

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Re: CUE Prompt Uploading Problem

Have you tried renaming the old prompt?

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