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CUE with CCM


I have a query on message waiting with CUE..., I have configured the CUE with version 2.3.3 and the CCM with version 4.2(1)...

The voicemail functionality is working fine, users are able to get voicemails and also they can retrive it from CUE etc..,

But whenever any user has an voicemail in his voicemail box, the ip phone does not indicate the message waiting (netiher light nor prompt)... so what could be the problem??


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Re: CUE with CCM

Hi RV,

Here is some related info;

Configuring Message Waiting

To configure message waiting for use with voice-mail systems, use the following procedure.



Step1 Choose Feature> Voice Mail> Message Waiting .

Step2 In the upper, right corner of the window, click the Add a New Message Waiting Number link.

The Message Waiting Number Configuration window displays.

Step3 Enter the appropriate settings


Note The voice-mail system only uses the message waiting on/off directory number to turn on the message waiting indicator. Because the CiscouOne messaging system or CiscoCallManager do not use the Message Waiting on/off number for receiving calls, the Display, Forward All, Forward Busy, and Forward No Answer fields do not get used.


Step4 To add this device to the system, click Insert .

From this doc;

Refreshing Message Waiting Indicators

Occasionally the MWI lights on a user's telephone gets out of synchronization with the voice message status of the mailbox. When this condition happens, the MWI light is lit although the mailbox has no new messages or the MWI light is not lit even though the mailbox has new messages.

Use the mwi refresh all or mwi refresh telephonenumber command to refresh the MWI lights and to synchronize the mailbox message status and MWI lights. If the user has no messages, the MWI turns off. If the user has voice messages, the MWI light turns on.

Starting in Cisco Unity EXEC mode, enter the following command:

mwi refresh all


mwi refresh telephonenumber tel_number

where tel_number is the telephone number of a specific extension.


se-10-0-0-0# mwi refresh all

se-10-0-0-0# mwi refresh telephonenumber 7654

This command is equivalent to the GUI operation of clicking the Refresh All or Refresh Selected icons under Voice Mail > Message Waiting Indicators > Refresh.

Voice Mail Connectivity to Cisco CallManager

Hope this helps!


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