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CUEAC and live-feed MoH

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the call flow on this one.

We have a centralized CUCM 8.0.2, Unity Express 8.0.3 and CUEAC The CUEAC is for a remote site. That site has its own gateway and PRIs. There's also a live-feed MoH configured which works. So when a call comes in to that gateway and the users puts the caller on hold, caller hears live music from the multicast.

When the call is still in CUEAC's grasp, so either on a CT Gateway device or a Service device, the caller gets those device's MoH setting. All good. Currently, that's set in the Common Device Configuration as MoH Audio Source #5. Every call, while under CUEAC's control, has a unicast stream that goes out on the WAN to the local gateway. Not so good, but it works.

If I want to make use of the live-feed MoH on site, it seems to me that I should just change the Common Device Configuration to use the source #51, have it in the right device pool, but that's a no-go. All I hear then is nothing.

Is this something I should be able to do?

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