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CUEAC features / behaviour

Hi all,

I've installed CUEAC with CUCM 7.1.3 and CUP 7.0.6. I've some troubles that i cannot understand if related to
missing configuration steps or software limitations.

1) Internal directory empty.
How can i show the internal directory ( with and without AD integration )? The software is working fine but the
internal user is empty; In ccm I've configured 5 end users with associated telephone number and other info. I tryied
several steps in the ARC forum ( create a system DSN, enable an "all user" import in the filtering ) with no result.

2) IP-phone ringing associated to queue route-point
Is it possible to make the IP-phone ( the DN ) associated to the operator to ring whit incoming call
or the ring can be heard only from PC ?

3) Message waiting for the queued calls
How can I enable ( if is it possible ) a message when the calls are waiting to be answered ?
I cannot find any proper option in the software.

Many thanks in advance


New Member

Re: CUEAC features / behaviour

Hi Luigi

1. For your internal directory

a. make sure the CUEAC client can resolve the hostname of the CUEAC server and CUCM server (DNS or HOSTS)

b. make sure you have a 'surname' and extension set.

2. IP Phone Ring

This is not an option, only the PC will alert when the call is in the queue, when an attendant accepts the call it is then sent to them to answer.

3. Message waiting

Again not an option included with the Cisco version, it is available with the full blown version from ARC with the Voice Connect option.

Possible workarounds:

a. Use something like Unity or UCCX to play a message before sending to CUEAC Queue

b. Set a specific MOH source for the CUEAC CTI ports that plays music then hold message then music again, set to repeat....

Not sure on the above options and would need to try in the lab.



New Member

Re: CUEAC features / behaviour

Just an update to my post.

Issue 3 Message waiting

Tested in the LAB and you cannot use MOH for queued calls, they only get ring back tone

New Member

Re: CUEAC features / behaviour


many thanks for Your test: I'm just wondering if it's possible to call "Enterprise AC" a system without message waiting. I cannot tell to the customer that they have to leave the incoming queued calls with the free tone signal.

Of course I can try to intercept the calls for example with Stonevoice, but it a workaround for a feature the shoud be natively in the software; anyway i will loose the queue facility :-/

Many thanks


Cisco Employee

Re: CUEAC features / behaviour

In the latest version of CUEAC you can set the system to "Held Calls", this answers the call and places it on hold using the MoH Media source configured against the CTI Ports.

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