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CUOM - Solid or sham - Your experience?

We have just finished deploying our first few CUCM clusters with Unity Connection and IPCC enterprise w/ CVP.  Eventually, Cisco IPT will be deployed to 30 hospitals and > 500 ancillary sites nation-wide with hospital-based CUCM and unity clusters and centralized IPCC Enterprise with CVP. We purchased CUOM 2.2 (along with CUPM) as part of the initial package.  Our integrator was only contracted to stand up the CUOM but not much more than that.  We're working with them and with Cisco Advanced Services on bid's for the detailed implementation / integration book of work for CUOM.

My question is to those who have experience with the CUOM tool set in large distributed environments..  What has been your experience?  Is there substantial value and reliability in the tool vs just trapping / syslogging up to our openview collector(s)?  I'm cautiously optimistic as I've felt the pain of Cisco managment toolsets from Ciscoworks to QPM to WCS.  In the last 2-3 years Ciscoworks is finally what I'd consider a production-quality tool and in the last 6 months WCS has gotten a lot better (having learned, I'm sure from the previous Ciscoworks failings).

I'm just curious to really understand your experiences, caveats, etc.  We don't mind spending the time, energy and money to fully flesh out the tool, IF it is really going to provide value, stability & useability in the long run.  Just wondering if any of you would say run, don't walk.. away..

Specifically we're looking for:

Alerts to bubble up to CUOM from CUCM, CUCME, Unity Connection, voice gateways, VXML gateways, IPCC Enterprise components including CVP.

Event correlation on the above prior to bubbling up to Openview & our ticketing system

Ease of use

Flexibility in alert definition, triggering & action

??Probably a bunch of stuff we don't know about

Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your real-world experiences with CUOM.


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Re: CUOM - Solid or sham - Your experience?

One of the biggest issues I have is that the emailed alerts are nowhere near as customizable as they are in RTMT.  The inability to set limits on the number of times the system will email me in a given timeframe has cause me to disable email alerts on my box and rely only on RTMT.

If you have a lot of clusters, its nice to be able to glace at an overview of your cluster status, however I'm not tied down to my pc all day long so I really need an email, ONE email, when something breaks. 

When if set up CUOM with all your hardware devices (routers, switches, voice gateways, etc) you will get more in-depth alerts on things like failed power supplies, fans, low memory, and what not, so this is a plus.  

If you have experienced Cisco Works LMS its very similar.

The Integration was not all that dificult, create an application user in Callmanager, grant that user AXL rights, create an SNMP community string on   callmanager, then use your publisher as a seed device for CUOM.  You will also need a SNMP string on any router, switch, voice gateway you want ot monitor.  CUOM will discover these devices after you enter your publisher as a seed...

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Re: CUOM - Solid or sham - Your experience?


There are some good references for CUOM available in

Would you be interested to join coming CUOM webinars?

Cisco Unified Communications Network Management


"Deploy, Configure, Monitor, Manage and Report"


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Re: CUOM - Solid or sham - Your experience?

Abosolutely would be interested in any upcoming webinars.  Thanks for the offer... We've put the work out to bid to ATT, Berbee, Coleman and Cisco AS.. Of all of those, none will touch it except Cisco but my previous AS engagements haven't been overly impressive ..

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Re: CUOM - Solid or sham - Your experience?

Thank you Bill for your patience.  You will be receiving a CUOM webinar invite in your inbox shortly.

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