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CUPC Issue with Bad Number

Got a strange issue here. From the softphone using CUPC, I can dial local and long distance and I see the application dial rules getting applied properly. No problem with the softphone.

However, from a deskphone, it is intermittent. I get "bad number" sometimes and it's probably because the application dial rule isn't getting applied to it as I don't see the number being prepended with a 9 or 91. The odd thing is if I go to the device (desk phone) in CM and restart that device and log back into CUPC, the desktphone through CUPC works. It will break again when I log out of CUPC and back in. Any thoughts on why this is happening or what I should look at configuration-wise that might have been done incorrectly?

Presence is version 6.0.3 with CMBE version 6.1.3.. I also did the "run sql select * from applicationdialrule" and I do see the rules I configured in CM in CUPS.

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Re: CUPC Issue with Bad Number

One clarification. I've been testing using the "Recent" received numbers which will not have a 9 or 91 in front of it. However, at the time the deskphone doesn't work when using the Recent numbers, even if you try to use the keypad and enter a number with the 9 or 91, it still comes back with bad number.

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