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CUPC status update takes long time


I have CUPS 8.6 on production and CUPC version is 8.5.5

Once desk phone user off hook the handset, CUPC takes 30-45 seconds to change status from "Available" to "on phone"

and vice versa.

This problem happening is for all the CUPC users.

Pls. suggest what could be causing this issue and how to fix it.



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CUPC status update takes long time


1. Which OS, the CUPC is running upon ?

2. Did you try reinstalling ( uninstall & delete remainders from Registry ) ?


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CUPC status update takes long time

Dear Gajanan

It is Microsoft Windows 7

CUPC is installed on 600+, all are facing this issue.

It is very difficult to uninstlal/reinstall for all.

Even one user we tested, but result is same.

These is 30-45 seconds delay in phone off-hook and update on CUPC status.

Any other solution?



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Re: CUPC status update takes long time

The on-hook updates are not CTI-dependant. These are pushed from CUCM to CUP through the PUBLISH SIP trunk. If there is a delay in updates I suggest we start there.

What is the destination defined on the SIP PUBLISH trunk in CUCM? Is the destination SRV-based, A-record DNS, or an IPv4 address?

If DNS: Does it always resolve to one CUP server or is there a round-robin response?

If SRV: What format is the destination in on CUCM and CUP under the presence gateway?

Is the PUBLISH trunk choosen properly under callmanager service parameters?

You'll probably be best off to turn on troubleshooting traces of the CallManager process, reproduce the issue, and pull the SDI logs. We need to see what is happening to the SIP dialog between CUCM and CUP. For example, how long after the digit analysis before the SIP event is sent to CUP?

We can review logs if you attach them. Be sure to point out the CUCM hostname and IP, CUP hostname and IP, what phone IP and extension went off-hook, and when they went off-hook vs. when CUPC status updated.

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CUPC status update takes long time


I have the same issue, do you known what is the Problem?

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