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CUPC Voicemail Issue

I have cupc which has unity integration.When I check server health, it tells me voicemail is not connected.

I made sure imap is started on exchange and presence has unity profile.

In CUPC,I do not even get a choice of playing voicemail.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Re: CUPC Voicemail Issue

Assuming you're using CUPS 7.x, you need to configure mailstore to point to the IMAP server.


Re: CUPC Voicemail Issue

The above comments are correct. You will need to ensure the CUPS server has VM Servers and Profiles configured and then applied to the user.

here's a doc to assist in the configuration:

HTH, Please rate if so



Re: CUPC Voicemail Issue

You also have to make sure that under your preferences within the CUPC client for the voice mail server are filled in with username and password.

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Re: CUPC Voicemail Issue

I have an issue with CUPC where users are able to listen to their voicemail and thus unity integration is working. I checked server health and unity is fine.They do not have the option to place a call to the person who left them a voicemail.I checked that I can leave IM for the caller and call the person directly but callback to voicemail option is not there because the voicemail does not have the callers phone number. I checked the unity active directory and added telephone number for those users but still cannot call back.

I need to understand where does CUPC get this information from. I would assume it is unity active directory. But when I added the phone number and again left a voicemail, I still did not get callback feature. Does sync take time? Any help is appreicated.

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