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CUPM - Subscribers not associated to devices in CUCM

Hi everybody,

My customer has a CUPM (provisioning manager) to perform day 2 activities. That is, to modify some CUCM configuration (MACs, CSS and things like these) for just one of the cluster's sites.

I've been reading through the documentation and I believe that the way it works is that when I need to modify one device, I've got to look for the subscriber and modify whatever I need in the products listed for that subscriber (via Subscriber Service Orders). And as far as I understand, in order to achieve this, the user (subscriber) defined in CUCM has to be associated to the device.

The point is that the CUCM cluster doesn't have this kind of association (users-devices), and there are more than one thousand subscribers so I'd like to know if there is any way to perform this changes without going through the subscriber but acting directly with the phone or DN.

I've been trying by looking at the inventories, but it doesn't seem to me that I can make modifications from there (The procedures described in this section are for tracking the phone assets in inventory only. No provisioning or activation is performed during these activities. To activate a phone, see Ordering Products and Services)

If anyone out there has some experience with CUPM... Any idea would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Best regards,


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